Facial Treatments
As the elixir of youth has not yet been discovered so that skin would remain smooth and healthy at all times, we need professional facial treatments that fight against the passage of time.
At ANA Spa you can find facial treatments that restore your well-being, smile and especially your confidence.
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Anti-Age Facial Vitalit’ea 75'
Have you noticed how your skin retains dissatisfaction and disappointments in your everyday life? You get to be gloomy, the smile line goes down, and you end up seeming upset. It would be a blast to relax and be spoiled with a unique magical treatment. And we have it for you. Imagine how you might sit relaxed in our resort, away from everyday worries. We will manually apply a delicate scrub that prepares your skin to receive the best anti-wrinkle ingredients. When your skin is clean, you will benefit from a ‘Ridoki’ massage to facilitate the absorption of the antioxidants from our creams, and the ‘Nouat naa’ stimulation device will activate your microcirculation. You will feel how facial tension is eliminated, wrinkles are diminished with your skin looking smoother.
75 Min
RON 270.00
Quench Facial Moisturizer 50'
The skin is most exposed to environmental factors - sun, wind, cold, pollution. But it also reflects our inner experiences and feelings. It’s like a business card that bears the imprint of the passage of time if we do not regularly take care of it. A facial treatment for hydration is absolutely necessary, it is the basis of a healthy complexion. Then, the relaxation transfers to the arms. Thus we initiate the regeneration of tense and dehydrated skin due to environmental factors. Your skin is intensely hydrated, nourished and invigorated. And you radiate because every muscle of the face is completely relaxed!
50 Min
RON 225.00