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Kineto Active
Our well-being and health are influenced by hectic pace, sedentary lifestyle and because we forget to be present in our lives. Movement therapy or physical therapy is the ideal way to recover our physical and mental well-being, zest for life and relationships with loved ones. You will benefit from massages performed by our specialists and carefully supervised physical exercises in a complete subscription for a state of well-being that will give back the smile on your face. Package includes: 1 Intuitive Massage 50' 1 50' deep relaxation massage 1 back pain therapy 25' 1 25' cervical relaxation 1 Scalp and cervical region massage 25' 5 sessions of Kinesiotherapy at the gym of 25' each
RON 949.00
Soul, Body & Mind
The mind, the body and the spirit are parts of the same whole. Our identity is the most precious asset we have in this world. That is why we must take care of all its components, to maintain a stable balance, both physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Any imbalance in our body can affect our well-being, health and relationships with others. It is our primary responsibility to take care to maintain or build a perfect balance between soul, mind and body. That's why we have prepared a package that combines yoga techniques - movement, breathing, meditation and the benefits of a massage wrapped in the magic of aromas that relaxes your body and restores your good mood. Package includes: Access to the Hatha Yoga class Aromazen massage session (50' or 75')
RON 205.00
When we feel tired, moody or even anxious, we lack energy or it is misused. Balance and well-being are affected, and if we do not act to regulate this system, the quality of life will suffer. At ANA Spa we want to keep you well for as long as possible because we know that by preventing imbalances, we can have a fulfilled and happy life. We will discover together a combination that is inspired by body sculpting techniques and energizing methods through the BaliArt package, which will give you the vitality to cope with any situation. Package includes: BodyArt or BodyArt Stress Relief class access Balinese massage session
RON 235.00
Spa Special Day
Do you like cocktails? Cocktails are a treat that we offer you in our salons to make you feel important and enjoy the treatment you want for both your skin and body. All you have to do is take a break and relax with a glass of prosecco from us. We will make sure you are treated like a queen. Package includes: A body therapy of your choice A facial therapy of your choice A glass of Prosecco from us
RON 220.00
Personal Trainer 10 Sessions 50'
Most of the time we associate fitness with a chore, either because we don't know if we do the exercises correctly, or we don't get concrete results quickly or we simply lose our motivation on the road. It happens in life too that you sometimes want to give up too easily out of fear or lack of courage. By choosing a personal trainer you will benefit from a personalized program, adapted to your age and needs, based on exercises with your own body weight, and fitness equipment. If you are assisted by a specialist throughout the training you will have the guarantee of a correct execution of the exercises, you will receive advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. By choosing a personal trainer you will avoid certain injuries and you will lose fat mass in favor of muscle mass. A personal trainer helps you set realistic goals and get better results. In a shorter time, he knows how to press those "buttons" of accepting the challenge without exhausting you. And last but not least, he is the
RON 1500.00
10 Sessions Pilates Reformer 50'
If you are a minimalist style follower and you feel that physical activity and the complicated fitness machines do not suit you, we recommend Pilates Reformer. The training for this device puts you in the centre of attention because it is done only under the guidance of a specialized personal trainer (one-to-one). He will coordinate your movements, but will constantly remind you not to forget to breathe. Because at ANA Spa we know that you deserve the best, we recommend Pilates exercises with Reformer for physical and mental health. It is useful for maintaining the tone of the muscles of the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, but also for weight loss. Pilates Reformer is indicated in the fight against postural problems and back pain or in the recovery process after various injuries. Strengthening the muscles is an important step, especially in osteoporosis, to support fragile bones. But Pilates Reformer training also has mental benefits because it will constantly train your mind, imp
50 Min
RON 1800.00